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Sky Meltzer


Sky Meltzer has served as a member of our Board since August 2018. Mr. Meltzer served as Chief Executive Officer for Manduka, a brand of premium yoga equipment and apparel, from February 2008 – September 2016, where he led the company’s global expansion. Prior to Manduka, Mr. Meltzer was the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for YogaWorks, from March 2004 – July 2007. Mr. Meltzer also spent 10 years working in the finance, technology and media sectors holding positions that span from Investment Banking Analyst for Soundview Financial Group to Brand Manager for MGM Studios. Sky graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in economics. He currently serves on the Board of Manduka and Pear Sports and is an investor and advisor to several companies in the Health and Wellness sector.

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